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The day i found out that i am pregnant i feel like a different person. A woman that is ready to be a mom. I never think of those things that my parents or other people might say. The only thing in my mind is that i am HAPPY and i will be a MOM.

pregnant mom
Some of my friends ask me about what i feel? If i’m afraid having a baby; If i thought of the responsibility that comes with being pregnant. I told them that “I’m Happy, I’ll be a Mom!”; “No, I’m not afraid. Why should I?”; “Yes, I’m ready with the responsibility of being a wife and a mom. I guess i still need help yet i will love to do all the responsibilities that comes with it.” Why should I not? This is the start of my dream to become a wife, a mother, and a homebody. I know i can’t be a homebody just yet but later in my life i will be as me and my husband has been talking about those things. 

Anyway, as the title say so, here’s the reasons why you should be glad when you’re pregnant.

Mother and Child
1 Relishing the early weeks when only you and your partner know your special secret. 

2 Knowing you’ve got nine whole months to plan, dream and fantasize.

3 Choosing maternity clothes — they’ve never been more practical or more sexy. 

4 Now you’ve got the perfect excuse to pamper yourself — spending hours in a scented bath, enjoying a massage, or rubbing soothing lotions into your growing bump. 

5 All your contributions to your SSS and Philhealth that are taken out of your salary are put to good use when you claim your maternity rights

6 You can join a childbirth class and find a whole new bunch of friends (and don’t forget our BabyCenter Philippines birth clubs: another great way to meet people due at the same time as you). 

7 For once in your life you need to get heavier — pregnancy is nature’s way of making you feel good about putting on weight. 

8 If this is your first baby, enjoy the next nine months sleeping late at weekends: you won’t get many chances later on. 

9 At last you’ve got the bust size you’ve always wanted, which means you also have… 

10 …a great excuse to buy lots of pretty new bras. 

11 You’ll have a healthy glow without the packaged blush. 

12 At last you’ll have something more than potted plants and your cat to care for and nurture. 

13 Suddenly, you’ll find you’re getting lots of extra attention from parents, friends, aunts and uncles, not to mention your partner. 

14 You may find you develop a closer relationship with sisters, cousins, or friends who are parents themselves. Congratulations, you’ve just won free admission to the parents’ club. 

15 Telling your mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, dog the good news and watching their faces light up. 

16 New talents — whether it’s knitting booties or assembling a crib, you’ll suddenly find yourself trying out all sorts of new skills. 

17 Suddenly you’ll feel a new appreciation for your own mother and all she went through having you. 

18 Decorating the nursery: one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. 

19 Feeling those first fluttering kicks and thinking, “Is that what I think it is? Or is it just wind?” 

20 Feeling perfectly at ease when you send your partner out for mushroom pizza followed by double-choc chip ice cream. 

21 Your parents digging out your old crib, toys, and clothes, which they’ve kept safely all this time “just in case.” 

22 Going for healthy walks with your partner and getting fresh air in your lungs because it’s good for you and good for your baby. 

23 Enjoying the extra-vivid dreams you get in late pregnancy — and laughing about them with your friends. 

24 Feeling a little pair of heels prodding under your diaphragm and knowing you’ll soon be meeting the little person they belong to! 

25 Choosing baby clothes — or just strolling through the malls planning what you’re going to buy. 

26 Writing a pregnancy diary for your baby to read in the future. 

27 Getting someone to take photos of you smiling over your enormous bump so that, one day, you can look back and be amazed you were ever that size. 

28 Finding out how many people there are out there ready to care for you: doctors, nurses, midwives, birth coaches, lactation consultants. 

29 Lying in bed with your partner’s arms around you and your bump, knowing that love has created a new life. 

30 Enjoying indulgences, such as evenings out, weekends away, slept in mornings, and anything else you might not be able to do so easily once the baby arrives. 

31 Knowing that from now on, whatever happens, you’ll never be bored again. 

32 Making new friends whenever you go shopping — everyone has a pregnancy story to share. 

33 You can spend whole evenings debating whether to call your baby Ysabela or Marianne, Jose or Richard… (don’t forget to try our Baby namer if you get stuck!) 

34 Imagining what he or she will look like. Your sweet little ears, of course, and his sexy eyes. 

35 Dreaming about, “My daughter the president/movie star/brain surgeon.” 

36 Looking at your growing bump in the mirror and realizing there’s a person in there! 

37 Making out a squirmy outline on the ultrasound monitor. Asking for the pic to take home and pinning it up next to your work station, or just keeping it in your bag to sneak looks at. 

38 The expression on your partner’s face as he sees the test strip turn blue, looks at your growing bump or feels the baby kicking. 

39 Buying that first little cuddly toy for your baby, not somebody else’s. 

40 Making that phone call to your partner to tell him that — we’re off! — labor has started

41 Trying out all those exercises you learned at childbirth class and finding out that they actually work. 

42 Being held and supported throughout a contraction by your partner/doctor/nurse/labor companion and knowing that you can trust them totally. 

43 Finding out, as the contractions get tough, that your repertoire of swear words is far more extensive than you ever realized! 

44 Making an informed choice about pain relief and finding that it’s right for you at that stage in labor

45 That huge rush of pleasure and relief when, suddenly, all the pain and effort stops. 

46 Looking into your newborn’s eyes and falling utterly in love. 

47 Watching your partner kiss the nurse, the doctor, cleaning lady, delivery man and anyone else he can find because his joy and pride are overwhelming. 

48 Opening a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, whatever the time of day or night. 

49 Making all those phone calls to announce the arrival. Telling everyone the news and hearing the excitement in their voices. Posting newborn pics on all your online social networks. 

50 Waking up to see your baby sleeping next to you and thinking, ‘Wow! This is real. I’m a mom!’ 




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One Year Together

July 07 2008 the exact date when we celebrated our First Year Anniversary. Its a simple celebration. We watched two movies in one day of which we haven’t done before, Wanted and Hancock. We actually want to watched more movies than only two but most of the movies showing that day we’ve already seen.

We plan to go somewhere else on weekend but due to a lot of celebrations we have to attend to we haven’t got the time to plan and go so we moved it to another date.

We also got a new ring for our First Year Anniversary. The first ring we had was on our third month.

Its a simple celebration yet its fulfilling as we’ve reach our first year.

To my dearest sweetie Happy First Year Anniversary. Thanks for all the understanding and patience. Love you. mwuah 🙂

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9th Month

April 07, 2008 – It’s our 9th months together. I am very happy that we’re still together and moving forward. That even though there are a lot of challenges that we encounter we face it together and solve it together. For you my dear sweetie, i thank you for all the understanding, patience, support, care, and love that you’ve given me. I know that you will always be around to support and help me all through out. I love you so much. Take care always.

love u…mmmmwwwuuuaaahhh

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Six (6) Months of Love

This might be a little as we reached our six months last January 7. But, it is good to have something late than nothing.

For six months of relationship, we do find out a lot about each other. It is like knowing a new person even though you already knew each other for so long. It is true that you’ll find out a lot of new things with someone when you are always together but i know there are a lot more that i have to find out and whatever it is, I must deal and accept it.

Anyway for my sweetie, we’ve reach 6 months and hope this will go on and on. I’m sorry for those things that i’ve done which caused you to be hurt. I thank you for all the understanding and patience. Also, thank you for loving me and for taking good care of me. You know I LOVE YOU and always will. Hope you’ll never change.

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Last week I am really busy having a lot of things to do and places to go. A busy 5 days, 8-5pm schedule in the office, and weekends for parties.

On Friday, I am to meet my brother as i need to get something from him. After that me and my sweetie go to SM Megamall to buy my new phone (yey!!!) and then go home.

On Saturday, me along with my former officemates will have our “Christmas Party”. It was scheduled overnight (I’ll post our pictures next time). I met my friends in MRT-Ayala Station and we go to Glorietta and i brought a gift for my former officemate’s son who will be having his birthday party on the next day, Sunday. After we brought the gift we go to our meeting place to meet the others. I never thought that there will be a lot of us present in the so called Christmas Party or just a get together (hehehe). It is fun even there are people who “argued” but still at the end of it fun moves on top. It is great to be with them AGAIN as I really do miss the things that we do together before.

On Sunday, i go home after the overnight “Christmas Party”. At home, i wrapped the gift that i brought the other day for the birthday gift that I will attend in the afternoon and slept for about two hours before getting ready for the birthday party. On the birthday party, I saw a lot of old faces that i really miss. My “tropa” when I’m still in my former company.

This week will be another hectic, busy days. We are scheduled to have Company Christmas party on the 15th and me and my sweetie planned to go to my Mama’s house in Bulacan on the 16th.

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Its been quite a while since I posted something in here that even the important thing in my life wasn’t put into blog.

It has been twenty-two years of living, dreaming, and keep on believing (parang Starstruck lang: “Dream, Believe, Survive”…hehe) that one day I will fulfill all those dreams, goals that i have in mind. September 16, the day my mom give birth to her first daughter (that’s me), I know it was hard for her to carry me for nine months. The last celebration of my birthday that I cannot forget was my 20th birthday when I spend it overnight with my college friends. It was my birthday that they plan. My birthday this year was also great as I had three celebrations. No, four if we counted me and one of my best friends meet up and had dinner together.

September 15, Saturday – me and my sister planned to go at our grand mother’s house as my uncle told me that he wants me to celebrate my birthday with them and that he will cook something for my birthday.

September 16, Sunday – we woke up early for me and my sis play badminton as I promise to her that we will. And so we play while our uncle goes on jogging and have his exercise. After that we go home, rest for a while, and prepare ourselves to go to church. On the afternoon, we eat together and have a simple celebration of my birthday. After the celebration, me and my sister went home. On our way home, we are talking a lot of things that we our so got into it and forgot to check if we’re already near our place and as expected we pass by the place on where we should go down.

September 17, Monday – I promised to my officemates that I will bring something for us to celebrate my birthday. My mom brought Pancit Malabon, and Puto and we ate eat together. After office hours, I and my friends planned to see each other and celebrate my birthday together. We just had dinner at Giligans.

I had three different celebrations, all simple but all gave me happiness and memories to cherish. If you want to see more of our pictures during those celebrations visit: My Birthday Celebration.

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My Friend’s Wedding

It’s been a while since my last post in here. I’ve been busy with a lot of things; work, problems, friends, and special occasion.

The special occasion i am saying is not really for me, i’m just part of it. I am actually glad to be part of it. The special occasion was my friend’s wedding.

At the start of it all she asked us to see her personally as she have something to say but because of some reasons we can’t make it as a whole. I’ve already discuss this with my previous post entitled Missing my Best Friends. For that reason we had constant communication again and that we regain the warm friendship(though i know it never leaves us) and it is like we are back to college where we first met and started our friendship.

In this particular happening made our friendship more sturdy and we know that this will last forever. We make it a point that we will do our best for our friend to be happy on that day though we didn’t gave her such gifts we know that being present for her special day will always be the best gift that we can give.

The night before the wedding, we slept at their house and so we will go to the church together. Seeing her walking down the aisle, memories field my mind. Our college days when she’s still our “baby” and now that she’s starting a new journey, a new chapter with her husband and future babies. It is unlikely that we, her friends cries during that time. We didn’t expect that her parents will not show tears as she’s also the baby of their family instead we saw the love, the respect, the understanding, the happiness, and the acceptance that the baby of the family is getting married and it is the time where she have to go on her own with the new chapter that already started. And i know that her parents know that she will always be there for them even though she already have her own family.

At the reception where the newly weds and their parents were asked to say message or promise with each other, we again started crying (don’t be surprise as our tears are really that shallow..hehe). The father of the groom was serious, his mother is a little emotional, the father of the groom made a comic message when he say that “now i know, she’s my most beautiful and special child as her siblings get married on their early 30s while she marries at 20s.”, and her mom is also emotional and we are touched when she say to the groom “take care of her, she’s my baby”. We are touched and teary eyed when we heard that as we also feel the same way though we know that it is on a different degree, as she is also our baby.

Their wedding day is one special day as we again see each other. I missed all of them. Even though we text and in constant communication, it is still different when you see each other everyday. I miss those days when we are in college, when we hang out, talked a lot of things, have fun, and make memories of our friendship. I still feel the love and care through them. I missed our boy friends as I’ve been really closed to them. Some of my friends say that i am ONE of the boys; yes I do (hehe). I am a little boyish when i’m still young but i guess until now. I am really glad to see them again and before we separate our ways they actually lift me just the way they did before, it is like going back to the past when we’re in college and having some fun.

To my newly wed friends, Congratulations, always be happy and take care of each other. Always keep in mind that we are always be here for you guys. To all my friends, hope to see you all soon. I miss you a lot and I hope that we can still do those things that we do back in college.

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