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I am not sure what to feel today. Why? It’s because now i receive my promotion/increase as Asst. Team Leader/Trainer. Yeah, you might say i should be happy at least what i am working on got a nice result. Okay, partly i am glad to have it after a long time of waiting. I got my promotion (yey me!). I am actually with the title as i can use it and that’s a nice thing to put on your resume. Though i am not happy with the salary increase. Yeah, it’s less than what i expect. We need high salary as we have families that needs it. We’re not living alone and i am not working only for myself. It is nice to receive such “titles” but on it’s side is an increase for your salary.


Maybe i expect more that’s why i am not happy right now. I am just being practical. Anyway, i just realize that really expecting too much will sometimes let you down. So better not to expect for you to not get sad when something unexpected comes along. At least when you not expect and something good happened you’ll be happy, be glad that it came. Life is not perfect and not all we wanted will be on our hands. Sometimes we say that we will have this and that, and when it came we told to ourselves that we will not let go and we will hold it tightly. But too tight will sometimes cause trouble that we didn’t expect, we didn’t realize. Still we have to let go of some things in our lives for us to keep going.


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